Month: April 2018

Sticks and Stones

Once, not that long ago, the nomads had thrived. Food—both grown and animal—had been abundant. One of the hunters, Bheka’s eldest brother, had managed to make alcohol from the potatoes. They celebrated the birth of little Lwazi who would grow up to be the most […]


Little whiskers poked out of a hole in the wall. The pink nose attached twitched for a moment. Then a fat, brown body scurried out into the storage closet. Squik sat up on her haunches and motioned toward the hole. “C’mon, Whiskers.” She stuck her nose […]

Asking For It

Two teen girls—Kema and Layla—sat on the edge of a wishing well. A fountain of water trickled out of a dragon’s mouth and back down into the well. Light flickered over the quarters at the bottom of the well, giving a clear blue sheen to […]

The White Rind Township

“So,” Curtis said, brushing a wisp of straw from his father’s best coat. “What about this one?” Rose looked up from the trousers she had been stuffing with straw, and wrinkled her nose in brief thought. “He’s a parson,” she said. “Smith, I think. Smith’s […]